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Kate was working her night shift when around 3 AM a patient was brought in. A tall dark haired man with a slim lean body who was heavily intoxicated. The blood tests showed he had high amounts of marijuana and alcohol in his system. He was put under her care until he sobered up. The man seemed half conscious and was laying in the bed motionless. Kate could not help but notice he had a large bulge in his pants. It looked like he was having wet dreams in his drug fuelled coma. She tried but could not resist her curiosity. She was a 26 innocent looking blond who was sadly sex starved. Her boyfriend and her have been having problems in the bedroom and her tight pussy has not been filled for 3 weeks now. She looked around to make sure nobody was close and went through her patient's pockets checking his belongings. She found his phone and wallet. His name was David, 23 years old and single. When going through his phone which was not password protected she sifted through his image gallery. He had a few dick picks on his phone, impressive ones at that. On first sight his cock looked big, not huge but bigger than most. Kate was eager to see it. David was helpless in front of her with his hard dick straining against his pants. As a medical practitioner she wanted to release the pressure off from her patient so she decided to undo his pants. When the jeans were removed all that was left were his black boxers, which were stretched thin covering an insanely large bulge.

Kate hat bit her lower lip as she slowly pulled down the boxers revealing David's cock which sprung out shocking her. It looked like an iron rod made out of meat. Easily 7" complimented with thickness equal to a beer can, covered in veins from top to bottom, a big pink naked head with no foreskin and full round balls which seemed pretty full. It looked even larger in real life than the photos. Kate was in awe. The biggest widest cock she has ever seen was rock hard in front of her. It was almost 3 times the size of her boyfriend and the man who it was attached to was sexy as hell. She swiftly took out her phone and took a few pics of it. She felt so naughty defiling her patient like this. "Ok that's enough I need to put it back in before someone sees me." Kate thought to herself. "Suck it..." David muffled. He was not aware of what was going on. He was talking in his wet dream. Kate felt her panties soak as her hand instinctively grabbed on to David's cock. She reacted by opening her mouth from the rush she got. She needed her second hand to help her out due to the length and girth. She could barely, just barely wrap her fingers around this massive cock. Kate slowly stroked it gliding her soft palm over the exposed veins feeling David's throbbing man meat pulse. The innocent glasses wearing blond nurse felt her mouth water and shake. She could not resist to have just a small taste of an alpha cock. She leaned forward and licked the shaft from top to bottom with her needy tongue. The second she had a taste of it she decided if David's cock was so delicious his cum must be one of a kind. Kate took the head in her mouth and pretended it was her boyfriend's entire package sucking on it for dear life. She wanted to make her patient cum as fast as possible before somebody caught her in the act. Unfortunately David was not her boyfriend, he had staying power. After 2 minutes of hard sucking he was still rock solid, a stark contrast to her man who would have blown his load already. Kate tried to swallow it, thinking maybe that would help. But alas she had never faced a horse sized cock and was way out of her element. After only 4" her mouth was stuffed and her gag reflex forced her off the monster she dreamed her boyfriend had. "Fuck...so big!" Kate gasped as she was thinking of how to calm David's erection. After a couple of futile attempts trying to swallow the fattest cock she has ever held the only silver lining was she managed to drench it in her spit. It was the first time Kate gave a sloppy blowjob and she loved it. Time was running out as her shift was close to ending and she had no idea how to milk this cock with her mouth alone. It was by pure luck when stroking the saliva covered pole her hands slipped and touched David's shaved smooth balls which made his cock swell even more in Kate's hand. She realised if she wanted his cum she would have to take care of his sperm holders. With that Kate tried to put both balls in her mouth but just like his cock they were not a fit size for her small mouth. She had to take the consolation prize of just one as she rapidly stroked the huge flesh baton with both hands. After realising how effective this was from hearing David moans she pulled back one testicle and let it leave her mouth with a pop before latching on to the other one feeling his cum starting to move inside of them. With every passing cock throb she felt his balls get tighter and tighter ready to explode. Kate was smart enough to switch stance and massage the balls with her tiny hands and suck the head with full force so she could receive the fruits of her labour.

She felt so proud finding out that such a stud had an obvious weakness. He could last long but as soon as you attack his balls he came in under 5 minutes. And that was exactly what happened, David shot seven or eight globs of cream in Kate's mouth forcing her to swallow twice. Her stomach was filled with his tasty protein which Kate savoured and enjoyed more than anything up to this point in her life. Even though David came Kate kept his cock in her mouth. She wanted the sensation of a deflating large penis grow smaller thanks to her hard work. When David's cock was in a dormant state his flaccid dick fell out of Kate's mouth and she quickly put his pants back on just in the nic of time. Before leaving to be picked up by her boyfriend she quickly saved David's number in her phone and returned his belongings to how they were. Nobody noticed what she had just done. Trying to act as normal as possible Kate finished her shift and headed towards her waiting boyfriend in the car. As soon as she saw him still being wet and full of lust she threw herself on him and gave him a deep french kiss pushing her tongue all the way in his mouth keeping it there for a considerable amount of time. "What was that for babe?" Her boyfriend asked surprised after the kiss ended. "I'm just happy to see you..." Kate felt the rush of the century as she made her unaware boyfriend taste another man's potent seed without his knowledge. Her dripping wet pussy was quivering the entire ride home. She knew she found something new in her life that was not going to go away soon.