She paid them all one by one

My innocence could not contain the devious and derelict thoughts I had as a child. I often wondered why the thought of sex consumed me as I maneuvered through the stages of life. To be honest, sex fucked me up both mentally and physically. Even now, I want to fuck 99.9% of every bitch I see. It doesn’t matter what her background entails; I just wanna fuck something. Getting my dick sucked is equivalent to dining in a five star restaurant and commanding their best sirloin stake. Riding around town seeing all the beautiful people just wishing I could fuckem all. Am I perverted, am I normal. In situations like this I can’t help myself, don’t get me wrong, because I’ve never acted on my impulse.

I’m in love with good pussy, no problem with fucking a pussy, eating a pussy, or just staring at a pretty puss. Call me weird if you want, because I’m wearing that shoe and it fits to a tee. To be honest, I’ve sucked a couple of dicks too, but never feel in love with a man’s dick in my mouth or in my ass. My life is centered around sex, if I saw an 80 yr old blind, crippled, or crazy female; I wanted to fuck her. Probably would have done better in high school, but my dick stayed on hard. I’m so perverted, when I come across animals that are fucking, I can’t pass up the free entertainment. Back to the 80 yr old females, I’ve fucked more than my share. I’m not into the underage thing (jail bait), but I’ve seen some hot looking 15 yr old bitches whom I would have loved to licked their asses clean. Who do I blame for my upsetting and perverse mentality? Should I take all the blame, does society share in my exquisite thirst for sex. Lets look at this from the bright side, a dick and a pussy were meant for each other; it’s the best combination man has ever known. Ok, lets tackle the pink elephant (🐘) in the room. Homosexuality is huge, dick on dick, pussy on pussy, I get it, but there’s nothing better that a hard ass dick entering into super wet pussy. Busting a nut and witnessing that combination of cum on cum is so exhilarating, so fucking mind blowing.

Why fight over a piece of pussy, it’s so fucking good that’s why. Throughout history, a pussy has always calmed the sea and reduced tension. Make up sex is a beautiful thing but a luscious piece of pussy will quell the senses. There were times when my wife and I had a disagreement, but she knew just what to do in order to bring back some balance into the home. She knew it was better to fuck men to sleep, opposed to not getting some dick for herself.