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When the delivery man arrived with my order, he rang the bell and I let him in, he was a good looking middle aged man, I am a 28, white, good looking woman with a sexy curvy body that had showed men’s eyes’ interest at some areas of my body as I was told, I happen to dress freely and more of slutty at some points flashing some of my assets, especially that I would wear my short dresses or skirts with no panties or bra, brave enough to flash some assets, but under my control and only when I want to. I was about to go out, that is why I was not in my normal home clothes, but I was wearing a short dress, again no bra or panties under it. Being a sex loving woman, I admit acting loosely and a bit flirty with the guy, especially that I liked him, and he was my type, he was a big flirt as well, but he seemed a knowledgeable, fully experienced adult man, who is not in a hurry, but he knows exactly what he wants and knew when to get it. I finally got my purse with lots of moving around and bending over acting like I miss located it, I paid him for the order and tipped him good as well, he was taking his time, being hesitant when he was ready to leave then as of a sudden, I asked him, “Would you be a gentleman and kind enough to help me with something heavy, I need to move the bed just a few inches to the side?” He smiled, as if it were his chance saying, “Of course mam, it would be my pleasure, just show me where to go” I lead the way to the master bedroom, showed him what to do, and helped him too. He accomplished it in a few minutes, we were both standing next to each other looking at the bed deciding if it looked better that way. The sudden unexpected action came from him, he got closer to me, wrapped both of his arms around my waist, hugged me closer and placed a few kisses on my lips.

Instead of jumping, screaming, and pushing him back, I giggled, kissed him back, then as he pulled his face a way, I looked him in the eyes in a real slutty look saying, “what the fuck do you think you are doing?” But the smile did not depart my face as if I were telling him, I needed some more, and he sure was a knowledgeable wise man, who knows how to calculate things and when to attack. Without a single word, just a smile he hugged me back and started kissing me on the lips more passionate and more deep this time, his tongue was in my mouth, and I sure was kissing him back. I felt his hand creeping down and up my dress, going direct forward to my bare pussy and he started rubbing my hot cunt, fingering me while I was moaning with no other speculation other than loving it. He started pushing me back slowly till we were standing at the bedside, pushed me over the bed, and I was on my back, he got on top of me, kissing me, but his hand was busy, He must have been pulling his dick out, and yes, he did, I felt the hard tip of his bare cock touched my pussy lips, knowing how ready I was for it, he started pushing it in me as if he wanted to fuck me before I change my mind, he must have been dreaming, how could I change my mind while I loved what he was doing. He started fucking me as hard and as deep with my legs widespread, lifted over his shoulders, it felt like heaven on earth, True I had not seen his cock up to that moment, but I sure had felt how long and how thick it was, I felt it stretching my pussy inner walls to the utmost they could. He was fucking my horny wet cunt and kept at it at one past nonstop till he was ready to cum. He pulled out of my cunt, I got up, sat on bed, took his dick in between my lips, and started sucking on it, milking it till I sucked it dry clean again. To my surprise, his cock did not soften at all, it stayed as hard as it was when he first pushed it in me. He pushed me back again on bed, lifted my legs up spreading them wide, got on his knees and started eating my pussy and ass as a professional cunt licker, he was a good pussy eater for damn sure, he made me cum nonstop, going up and down between both of my hot, wet fuck holes licking, tongue fucking and fingering, by then I had already cum at least three times on a raw. He pushed my legs back to my chest, lifted them way up and widespread, he used his hand to guide his dick rubbing it to my wet cunt and to my ass hole, teasing me with it, then he pushed it in my pussy and fucked me again for a few minutes, pulled it out and was teasing me again rubbing its wet, shiny helmet to my pussy lips and to my asshole. His cock head was coincided to my ass hole, he pushed a little applying soft pressure, he stopped and looked me in the eyes with a smile. It did not need any deep thinking or cleverness from me to know what he waned or what he was after, he sure wanted to fuck me in the ass, but was waiting for my approval, I looked him deep in the eyes with a wide smile and an eye wink, nodded saying “Yes go ahead, I would love it in there” He sure was waiting for that moment and started applying some pressure pushing his dick in my ass, he did not need to work hard for it, I happen to be an anal sex loving woman with lots of experiences in that department, my ass was accommodating and welcoming his cock deep inside of it all the way. He was fucking the hell out of my ass, I was enjoying it to the fullest extreme, so was he as he had announced, he kept at it till he came again for the second time. We relaxed till we caught our breath again, then I asked him, “Do you know me or know anything about me before we did what we did?” He shook his head with a no answer, I asked again, “I sure like what you did and enjoyed it, but what if I did not, don’t you think it was so risky to do it the way you did without any previous notice or even a hint?”

He giggled loud saying “Mam, I am no child, I have enough experiences with women, and I sure know when a woman wants it or not, and when she is asking for it, please forgive me, I knew you wanted it, and yes I got all the hints I needed to go for it the way I did” I said as if surprised “What hints, I did not do or say anything about sex, did I?” He said, “No you did not, but being pantie less, flashing your sweet pussy to my pussy hungry eyes, flashing your prick hardening, sexy ass too, and you were smiling and flirting, besides, I liked you and you turned me on the moment I walked in, so I knew exactly what I wanted, and I knew when to get it” I looked down with a huge smile, then I looked him in the eyes saying, “Sorry, I did not mean to be that blunt and that obvious of a whore, but you sure knew what you wanted and I love the man who takes what he wants, not asks for it, I admit I wanted it, but I would not have asked for it if you did not initiate the action, so you would have lost it if you didn’t” He got up, got dressed, we hugged and kissed on the lips, and he walked out.