Have a safe ride

I'm on my way to see a long time friend 8 hours away and she is at the gas station and she asked me if I wanted company? Where you going? I told her and she said she was headed that way. So put your backpack in the bed of the truck and jump in.i finished filling up and I get in, and we were on the road. It looks like you have been a few places. She said all over the place for the last two years. It is getting dark and I was hungry and tired so I asked her if she was hungry, she said starving. I then asked her if she was tired to?

Yes I am.in the next town I went to a Denny's and we talked and ate,then had a couple of drinks, then to the Marriott hotel across the street. We went upstairs and I said I am going to take a shower,do you want to go first? She responded with let's take one together. So I went in started the water and stripped and she beat me in the shower. She was soaping down and I asked her if she wanted me to wash her back? She handed me the cloth and I washed her back and she said don't forget my butt and she laughed. So I soaped her crack very good and the backs of her legs and she then turned around and her bald pussy was in my face. She said I hope you want to kiss it later. I said yes I do. Then she said well wash it too, so I did then she said my turn to wash you off and she washed my body for almost 10 minutes and she washed my shaven nuts and dick. She said very nice. We rinced off and we dried each other off. We turned on the TV and layed down and she went to town sucking my dick she had me cuming in about 15 minutes. Then she swallowed it and spread her legs wide and I ate her out for a hour and she came a lot. She said she wanted to be fucked so I was hard and I slid right in her pussy. She was tight and I had to push it in hard and she let out a little yell. Then she said your cock feels good. I fucked her for a few hours and she said you can cum in my asshole if you want to, so I pulled out of her pussy and she wrapped her feet behind her head and she pulled her butt cheeks apart and I entered her butt hole.

I was in All the way and she said fuck it fast so I did. And I filled up her right asshole and she let out a loud moan and she kissed me and thanked me for picking her up dinner and a great fuck. The next morning she sucked me off 2 times and then we went on and finished the trip. She left after breakfast. What a great trip it was and when I saw my wife,she sucked my dick. Awesome trip!