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I'm John 32 married to Cherry 30 and we have 2 children, I'm not the choice of son in law Cherry's mother Carolyn 47 would have picked. But she didn't the chance to stop us marrying and so she had to lump it. Carolyn is for a better word a snob, she thinks she is perfect and never wrong. No wonder Patrick my father in law is always travelling for business and rarely home for long. Away the perfect Carolyn finally made a mistake and it was a beauty, she took Patrick's pride and joy out for a drive and crashed it. The car only had minor damage and it would several days to get fixed. Lucky for her Patrick was away for a week. But getting it fixed right and quickly, well that's where I came in I had friends who done high quality repairs and Carolyn had no other way to get it repaired quickly. Offering double or triple wasn't an option, as Patrick would notice the withdrawal from their account. Even cash payment meant she had to withdrawal a large sum in cash and that would be noticed as well.

I had a look at the car and there wasn't any dents just a scrapes and metal strip missing. But the paint was a special paint and it needed an expert to repaint it and my friend Kevin father was such a expert. He agreed to to do the next day and it would 3 days to finish properly. As I was a family friend he was only charging me $2500 about half the normal price. Carolyn still had one problem, me as she had always run me down and it be perfect way to get back at her. But I knew it would upset Cherry, but as I tried to think of way to square accounts with Carolyn. She offered to do anything I wanted and I replied anything, Yes anything you want I would do it for you she said. I knew I couldn't get her doing something the other family members would notice and cause questions of why she was doing that. It had to be something only between the 2 of us. Carolyn is quite attractive and I've thought about fucking her several times, especially when Cherry was pregnant and not providing any sex. So I decided to ask her for sex, not expecting her to agree, but to annoy her a bit for some fun. I was surprised how quickly she agreed to sex with me, but thinking she was just playing along I asked for a dozen fucks including 2 anal fucks. She agreed to that almost straight away, adding that I wouldn't be able say anything about the car as I would really upset Cherry. I realized she would fuck me so I couldn't ever mention the cars damage to Patrick or anyone else in the family. But she wanted the car back in its spot before any sex happened. Four days later it was back and was perfect, so Carolyn checked over the car and then took me to her bed and we had our first fuck. She's very good and really drained my balls.

We had 3 other fucks and than had the anal fuck, I was the first to crack her ass and she till drain my balls. Then another 6 fucks and then I fucked her ass again for the last of the 12 promised fucks. I was fairly worn out by all the sex as Cherry was also wanting her share as well, not knowing I was fucking her mother as well. Cherry got pregnant again and it was confirmed after I had finished fucking Carolyn. Now seven months later, Cherry isn't keen on sex at the moment and I've started looking at Carolyn with a lustful intent but haven't tried anything as yet