You owe me to fuck me

This is a true story,it took place in the wonderful 80's and was a cocaine fueled episode,one of countless times.We'd be puffing away,getting very high,bodies throbbing from head to toe,guys and her.Let me describe Sally,you may notice a familiarity...She was 5'2",107 lb.s,brunette,big sexy bedroom eyes,perfect yet smallish breasts and her ass,yummy yummy,quite easily the most perfect,round,firm and edible ass anyone has ever seen.We were hanging with her ex,Donny,we all had sex on the brain and she got up to go change into something sexy. That was Donny and my que to strip to boxers,yes we stayed a fraction of modest,even though we both knew we'd be greasing up and teasing her very soon.she took longer than usual but came out in just panties and leg warmers that went to mid thigh.!!Sooo mouth watering...!!We both chimed in with "it took that long to come out in that"??She giggled and turned to adjust the warmers and we saw her vibrating butt plugs outline hidden by her panties... Donny and I looked at one another and mock high fived and I swear,we both licked our lips sayingn yuuummmeeeey!!!She then proceeded to extort a hit from each of us on the grounds of putting a "good show on" for us.Ohhh,hell yes,we couldn't hand it over fast enough !!She took one of her hits then got up and went to the couch,leaned back with her ass on the front edge,then shucked her panties off,much to our delight.She had shaved her pussy clean,then said..."In case you're wondering,I did it so when you're eating me out,you won't be flossing too !! you could barely hear the butt plug buzzing and she dragged her favorite dildo from under a couch cushion,the closest match to Peter Norths cock she could find then,turned it on and started spanking her clit and stroking along her soaking wet slit working herself into mini "O" land.She then asked one of us to bring hefr other hit over so that one or both could tongue massage her while smoking.

We practically shouldered each other out of the way,trying to get to her first!! she got a kick out of that and dipped her dildo in and we could hear the buzzing of both toys change as she was clamping down on them,kind of an"rurr,rur,rurr,wwmmm wmmm wmmm as she held the dildo in,bouncing on her "J" spot.Breathing erraticly already then stopped,leaving it buried and began smoking her hit.Donny bent down and began licking around her plugged ass while I bent and grabbed the dildo,while sucking on her clit,and worked it deep and slow.She was creaming more than usual,breathing hard,moaning and making "horse"sounds,like whinnying.!!Donny wet his hand and worked a finger in next to the plug and reached the other up and tweaked her nipples while I started in on her other nipple.Two mouths,four hands and a dildo and butt plug,taking her to new heights,wetter,louder,visibly more flushed,and I was loving her recently shaved oh so yummy pussy.Heavy breathing,buzzing and wet sex sounds filled the roomI was leaning over the back of the couch to gain access with Donny in front. I let go to climb over to put my leaking throbbing cock in her mouth and Donny siezed that moment to move up,remove the dildo and bury himself to the hilt,much to her squealing delight. With no time wasted at all,I fed her my cock which she "attacked"most unusual for herbut really got into sucking cock while being fucked,very hard and fast by another cock.She really was into the heat of the moment.I looked in her eyes that were mixed with pleasure and almost a pleading for mercy look,they rolled back into her head and a very hard relentlous pounding was bouncing her deep into the cushions.You could hear her wetness increase as her cries of extatic orgasmic pleasure combined to take her to an orgasmic dimension never reached before.I announced my cumming very soon and Donny,without words,unleashed into her but he was on one and never stopped and even picked up the pace.!!He was in a zone,she was in cum cum land and I got up to go dry off and take a quick pull off the pipe.Then I realized that I had unloaded in her mouth and on her face with her not even flinching.Very rare indeed.From our bedroom,the sounds of hips slapping thighs filled the rooms while her moans seemed like they turned to a different language.!! Donny was non stop,only stopping to turn her over into doggy style,her favoritist,as she put it,and he seemed to increase his pounding even more.He did for sure because she had to bury her face into the cushions to muffle the screams,not that our upstairs lesbian neighbors cared,in fact I remember,later,afterwards,they had huge smiles on their faces when thanking us for getting them so reved up!

But that was after several record setting hours of what ended up with Donny and I "tag teaming"her,keeping at least one hard cock in her at all times.We even jerked at least one or two cumshots out of ourselves while taking the small rest breaks.It was one of,if not the best one,nights(into days) we had.Sally took it in stride,never seeming to need a rest other than drinking some water so her throat wouldn't dry completely out!! I know that we were not the only guys oe exes that fucked her so vigorously,no wonder she loved hard fast everlasting pounding penetration so much,with that kind of wild, lustful heated passion,being the "norm" for her.The orgasmic euphoria she experienced would be more than most could handle.Easily the most intensely erotic,sexual orgasmic woman on the planet