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Continuing from part one: “Oh, by the way, did I mention that I had invited the three Swazi boys around to the cottage for drinks tonight? They asked if they could bring three of their well hung friends. I said sure, I look forward to a fresh fucking challenge. You can serve the beers, naked of course as I’m sure they will all be amused seeing your pathetic pale phallus.” This was the first time and hopefully not the last that I saw my wife fucked by big black cocks. Likewise it was the first time she had been gangbanged by well endowed cocks and she assured me she wanted to do it again. When we got back to the cabin Lisa plopped down into an arm chair, exhausted but fully stimulated. “Pour your little, big black cock slut of a wife a glass of wine please. I feel I have earned it after such an enjoyable afternoon of sex in the outdoors. I think you also enjoyed watching your young wife being fucked repeatedly by three black Swazi boys. I can’t wait to see your erotic pictures of the action.” Lisa said. When I returned from the kitchen, with her glass of wine, Lisa was sitting in the chair, still stark naked, other that the three trophy bead necklaces. She had her long legs wide open, her cunt on open view. A perfect picture. I grabbed my camera. Click, click, click with Lisa posing for the shoot. With her long nails she was scratching at the cum “scabs” on her inner thighs, neatly putting the “souvenirs” on the side table. “I wonder whose cum this is?” she mused in a semi memory trance. “There’s some around your mouth and on your cheek” I told her. She put her tongue out and tried to lick the mementos of the afternoon’s gangbang off her cheek. This was not working so she asked me to scrape the cum scab off and put it on the pile with the others. Having finished her glass of wine she pushed her naked body out of the chair and went to shower. As she was so exhausted (or should I say “fucked”) I offered to help her scrub down in the shower. I always took pleasure in soaping her luscious naked body paying extra attention to her magnificent pair of 38C tits, rubbing her firm rubbery nipples and slipping my hand between her legs to soap her thoroughly serviced cunt. Kneeling down to get a closer view I noticed that her labia were inflamed a redder brown colour and the area around her cunt was ruddier than usual. I slipped a soapy finger into her water moist cunt. The same wife’s cunt I had fucked earlier in the day with my miniscule four inch cock. I noticed now that it had been seriously stretched during the later afternoon’s orgy and I could easily slip four fingers in without her complaining. It had certainly been stretched by those large black cocks. All this soaping and intimate washing of my wife’s naked body caused my small white cock to get a breaking point erection like any other red blooded male would get if he was in this shower cubicle administering to my wife. “Would you like me to soap your stiff little cock?” Lisa asked seeing my horny dilemma “It won’t take much soap” she laughed. She thought my tiny tiddler was a joke. “You are always taking pictures of me in a naked state and close ups of my cunt, how about I take picture of your wee willy all erect and soaped up. I can put the picture on Facebook to show all my friends that we had a “clean” weekend away.” She laughed some more. Click “You have had your way with me in the shower, now it is my turn” With that Lisa took my foreskin between her thumb and index finger of her left hand and using her right hand took her razor and started to shave my pubic hairs. She slid the razor down the length of my stretched cock column, then she denuded my testicles before shaving the pubic hair triangle at the base of my stomach. All the while holding on to my foreskin and stretching my minute cock to its limits. It was a nerve racking experience, not at all erotic. I was relieved when she let go and washed my nether region.

Once dry and out of the shower she had a close look at her handy work. “You look pre-teen, pre-pubertal without any pubic hair and your small flaccid cock adds to the picture. I must get another picture of my toy boy. Big cheque book, small cock. Ha ha!” Click Time was getting on, so both naked in the kitchen, we had a sandwich. “Have to have something solid other that wine and fresh cum” Lisa said in anticipation of the evenings upcoming event. It was a warm sultry summer evening in Swaziland. “What should I wear?” I asked. “Not much, but I have something festive in mind for you.” Lisa replied going off to the bedroom in her still naked state. She returned with some red ribbon that she used to fashion a bowtie around my neck. There was still some red ribbon left which she tied in a neat small bow at the base of my now flaccid white cock. “Now you look in the party mood, in true cuckold husband outfit, ready to watch your randy young white wife fuck some more big black cock.” She knew and I knew what effect this would have on my pathetic phallus and in no time I was at my full proud four inch erection. Click went Lisa still with the camera. “What are you going to wear?” I asked wondering. “I will go and slip into something revealing. Get me another glass of wine will you.” Lisa returned wearing the three trophy beaded necklaces that hung well into her ample cleavage dividing her 38C cup assets. She wore a very flimsy totally see-through sarong which was more arousing than seeing her naked, it barely covered her tits and hung open down the front exposing her naked cunt. She had put on her cork platform sandals that made her look that much taller. “Don’t you think these shoes push my thighs up and out pushing my hungry cunt out invitingly? She asked. “Yes” I replied and did several clicks with the camera “It is 6pm. Where are my well hung gangbang boys?” Lisa asked “Remember its Africa time I’m sure they won’t miss this date” “Sit and enjoy your wine while you can.” I said trying to put her at ease. “Tell me what is it about black cock that gets white girls so excited and aroused?” I asked making casual but loaded conversation. “Well, speaking for myself let me tick off a few answers: • I believe that interracial sex between Black men and White women to be the epitome of human sexuality; • It’s also a desire, a want to have and experience something that you don’t have, a different experience. “What do you mean?” I asked “Well in our case a much bigger cock!” touché “You know forbidden fruit.” • It’s also the Taboo factor dating from black slave and white master days. Of breaking the taboo; • White women, in general find black men very exotic and exciting and present a sensual challenge, it’s that smooth silky touch of the black cock and so much to touch; • Then there’s the cultural difference. The perception of a musty jungle smell, nakedly attired fucking the white first world female species, not out of love but out of lust; • It’s said that black men are sexually superior to all other male species. Look at their penises. The average erect size of a white penis is 5.6 inches whereas the average erect size of a black penis is 8 inches and so much thicker. “Whoa I’m going on and on” Lisa said “I sound addicted to black cock. Let me think what else?” • “Oh yes, the skin colour contrast. That silky black velvet in sheer contrast to my sallow white” “Watching that thick, black penis invade my pallid white thighs. I’m getting wet at the thought and anticipation.” Lisa had been sitting cross legged on the couch sipping her wine and ruminating the fantasy benefits of big black cock. Her cunt was splayed apart her labia had become pronounced and engorged, glistening in the light with her flowing juices. I had watched fascinated as the dark pool of my wife’s lust juices had created an ever enlarging dark spot on the couch upholstery. The light was just perfect, her juices streaming. I had to get a close up picture of this pre-orgy target. Click. It was at this point that we heard the distant drum sounds coming from the valley below the cabin. “Your long schlong lovers are on their way” I said “Listen the drums are getting closer. Undoing her see through sarong Lisa asked me to quickly oil her entire body. She passed me the bottle of baby oil. This was another task I loved so I applied the oil liberally rubbing it on to her tanned white body. As I knew that her gorgeous tits and nipples as well as her cunt was going to be working overtime tonight, I paid special attention to these areas twisting the nipples to ensure deep penetration of the oil. (At least the oil could do deep penetration on Lisa). “I’d like you to oil my anus as well” she instructed. “Sink your index finger as deep as you can up my arse.” “You not going to let those huge thick black cocks anal fuck you, are you? They will tear you apart! I mean you have never let me fuck you up the arse.” “Just do as I say! Now push your finger in and slide it in and out. Yes like that. Uhmm ... that feels so good. My plan, my poorly endowed husband, is to allow you to put your thin little white cock up my bum while a thick large black cock is fucking the hell out of my cunt. This way you will be able to feel the sensations of the thickness and depth that black cock is invading me inside. His cock will rub against yours and you can share my pleasure.” With that statement I increased my finger fucking of my wife’s cunt and my four inch cock came on its own accord. The drums were close now and we heard the singing and chanting. It sounded if a whole impi was coming to fuck my wife. Lisa put the see though sarong back, on which heightened her sexuality. We moved out onto the veranda of the cabin. It was a full moon night and the front lawn was bathed in bright moonlight. “Help me carry this divan bed from the veranda to the centre of the lawn. If I am going to the centre of fucking attention tonight then I need a bit of comfort to endure” Lisa said We placed the divan bed strategically in the centre of the lawn, in full moonlight. To me it was like a erotic sexual altar, offering up my randy white wife to be sacrificed to large black primitive cock. The stage was set, the mood was set. Let the debauchery begin.

The drums thundered behind me. The Swazis were on the lawn. Lisa grabbed the bottle of wine and lifting it to her lips finished the contents. Wiping her lips with her arm she said” Now let’s make a grand entrance.” We walked out the front door of the cabin, me naked, albeit for the red ribbon bowtie around my neck and the cute red bow around my flaccid white cock. Lisa stood tall in her platform heels that thrust her pelvic region invitingly forward. The heels made her stand 5 foot 9 inches, tall and statuesque. Her see through sarong draped over her oiled body giving her no sense of modesty at all but accentuated her nakedness. Around her neck hung the three trophy wooden bead necklaces that she had earned this afternoon from her young Swazi boy fuckers. They hung and swung in her ample cleavage, bringing attention to her magnificent 38C cup breasts, the left one exposed the right under sarong cover. A titillating site for any red blooded man be he white or black. As we stood at the top of the veranda steps a silence fell over our visitors. Driven by lust or wine or both, Lisa made a dramatic move to undo and drop the sarong. A gasp of admiration rose from the throng of black visitors. Lisa had put on display, to all, her tall, naked, oiled white body that gave the message “I am ready to be fucked” Click There was no sign of the drummer; he must be hidden in the bush out of sight. On the lawn in front of the cabin stood the three “afternoon” Swazi boys, totally naked apart from the bead necklaces that Lisa had given them. To their left stood three tall mature regal looking Swazi men, with feather decoration headdresses. They held tall broad ox hide traditional shields covering their torsos as well as their manhood offerings. I was amused that the ox hide shields were of black and white cattle, most appropriate I thought for the evening’s entertainment. Click The tallest of the boys, who spoke perfect English, beckoned to make a speech. “He thanked us for inviting them to the cabin tonight. He thanked me for allowing him and his two friends to fuck my wife that afternoon. They said it was very special as it was the first white woman they had ever fucked and were looking to pleasure my beautiful white wife again tonight. When they saw how small my white cock was, as we can all see here now, they fully understood my wife’s need to experiment with larger cocks which they as black Swazi’s could offer. In this regard they had carefully selected among the 30 year old men in the tribe to ensure they bought penis offerings for her that were very much larger than they had to offer. He hoped that she would enjoy these large men and that I would also enjoy watching my naked white wife being fucked repeatedly by well endowed black men. He was getting a bit verbose. Standing naked at the top of the steps, Lisa was getting exceptionally wet down below and her inner thighs glistened in the moonlight. The speaker persisted. “As a thank you gift to the white man we bought with us three young teen Swazi girls for you to play with and with them to play with you. You must not be surprised if our girls giggle or are amused by your very small white cock as they have never seen a naked white man before let alone a white penis.” With that he whistled and three shy and naked young Swazi girls appeared out of the darkness and were pushed towards me. I came down off the steps and walked to my generous black gift trio. Other than a string of multicoloured beads around their necks and a loose beaded tie around their waists they were totally naked. Their skin was a uniform light brown; the one girl had conical firm breasts that pushed out. Her nipples were also conical enlarged and almost top heavy, but most delightful. The other girl had round half hemisphere tits with dark chocolate coloured nipples. Most suckable. The third girl had huge black/brown boobs that were pendulous. I’d imagine she could easily tit fuck a cock between those huge breasts. That was if you had a cock big enough to fit. Up close none of them had the trimmings of western perfume, only the natural musty body odour that added to the exotic. If anything their brown skins looked dull and lacked lustre. I decided to get some before and after pictures and clicked at each of them.