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I am sharing this experience with you which I never thought of experience in my life. I am living in Mumbai with my husband, we live in Vasai and his office is in Bandra. It is very different life in Mumbai. Anytime rain too much traffic and travel time is killer, but lovely city to roam around. We didn’t plan for any k** since 4 years of our marriage. We two are alone at home so I use to wear all kinds of short cloths. But when I go our for shopping I try to wear full cloths. My husband got me many modern short dresses but he also like me to wear when we are at home. I am house wife with good body and as I am from punjab my color also fair, my lips are like slice of orange, my husband always like to leek my lips. My hairs are curly like Kangna Ranaut (Bollywood actress) and my size is 36-30-38. Now coming to story, I never thought of any other person then my husband but this incident shaken me from inside. I was saying bye to my husband from balcony of our apartment. We have glass balcony at first floor, anyone looking up can see person from foot to head. I always see my hubby going up to square then only I go inside, which is like 5 mins from our apartment. That day it was bit late so I didn’t change my dress and came to balcony. I was wearing black nighty up to my thighs with two string on top. And wearing only chuda, punjabi girls wear after marriage up to first baby. My hairs were open. I came out and waiting for my husband to come out of the building, which took 5-8 mins. He was walking with our neighbour so he didn’t see me. I noticed one guy from opposite shop looking at me, first I ignored but he was not taking his eyes away from me. I tried to stair him so he feels shame and look other side, but he was directly looking in to my eyes. I stuck for 10 seconds and then felt increase in my heart beat, my breath. He was staring my whole body and wasn’t making any move. I ran inside and closed door, I looked in mirror and realized about my dress, I gave him complete 10-15 min show of my half naked body. I was feeling ashamed but same time my heart beat and breath was high. I went to take bath and while removing my panty I realized it was bit wet with my feminine juice. I took bath changed to salwar kamiz and went out to buy some grocery . I realized same guy followed me at every shop I went, I took bus and he followed me there as well, once he was very near to me in bus, almost touching my back. I again got scared and try to walk faster after getting down from bus. It was back side of our apartment and a lonely street. He called me “excuse me madam” I increased my speed, he came running and came in front of me. I was scared, hopping he wouldn’t touch me. He smiled and gave me my wallet fallen in bus, then he left. I smiled and thinking myself foolish. I couldn’t even say thanks to that guy. Next day morning I went out to see off my hubby, I see him again and smiling this time, I was in his debt of returning my wallet so I gave him return smile. This happened for few weeks, I never went in balcony in short dress again, but now he started waiving me in morning soon I go out. One day while returning from market I noticed him following me again, I went in bus and this time he was very near, I could sense his breath on my shoulder, he must be enjoying my smell. With jerk sometime me or he touches me. Today he was having a parcel in his hand. Again he started following me on same silent street, middle of the way he called me. He: excuse me madam I stopped and looked back, he was looking straight into my eyes, like he is going to hug me and kiss me. I again got day one feeling cursing myself “why I stopped?”. He grabbed my right hand with his strong hand, he looked deep in my eyes, I can’t disconnect eye contact. He gave me that parcel. And ordered me rudely. He: wear this, I like to see you in this And he left, I was shocked and scared, I sent up and kept that parcel inside my clothes so my husband won’t see it. Whole day I was thinking what is there inside the parcel? I was confusing to open it or not. It as evening so I didn’t open it as my hubby was coming to home. But excitement was increasing. Next morning he was there waiting for me, but I came in same full dress, he looked at me, I looked at him, but to my surprise he left from there. This happened for 3 days, 4th day I didn’t see him, I got upset and was not able to understand my feeling. I rush towards my cupboard; opened box he gave me. It was red color tight frock with red lacy panty and red sandals, there was a tattoo as well of sexy lady like butterfly, with a note to put it on my sexiest part. Frock was tight sleeveless with long deep neck, I got scared but fantasized as well, my husband never gave me such dress and never had tattoo. I kept that inside, after bath I thought of trying it. I was in dilemma, but I picked it and tried I had to remove bra otherwise it will be seen. I thought of tattoo but where to put it. Finally I used it and put it on my right breast, it was seen bit form the dress. I went to the balcony and to my surprise that guy was standing there. But he didn’t look at my balcony, I was trying to show him the dress, but no use. I thought of going shopping wearing this today, I was bit scared and ashamed. I went out from front today, he saw me and started following me. I picked bus and soon realized I forgotten my purse, I asked to stop to get down. It was another point which comes at backside of my apartment (my usual lane) , as expected he followed me. After couple of mins, he pulled me and rested me on wall, I started shivering , he looked at me from top to bottom and bottom to top, he looked my tattoo by sliding my dress a bit. I felt his eyes kissing my whole body and the way he was looking at me, I felt like I am naked in front of him. He started looking straight in to my eyes. After 5 mins he broke his silence He: madam, you are looking damn sexy, what took you so long to wear this. Me: mmm I didn’t see it He: so you like it I was quite and moved my eyes down, he took my face in his strong palms and kissed me on lips, for few seconds I shocked and didn’t move, but then I protested. By this time he is having his tong inside my mouth and paying with my tong. His saliva was already in my mouth and he drank all juice out of my lips. I was breathing heavily, I pushed him and ran towards my building. There was back door in my building, I went in and stayed there, I was on fire now. I slightly looked outside, he was straight looking at me, I hide again. I tried looking again but to my surprise he was just arrived to the door. He grabbed me tightly and lifted me in air. His strong grip made me horny I was melting in his arms like butter and he was enjoying my buttery body. I realized he was sucking my nipples, I didn’t realize he stretched my dress and got my both boobs out . I tried to get apart and again ran upstairs. I opened my apartment door and went inside. He came in and locked the door, I was having my back towards him, I was waiting for him to come and grab me and ram my body like hell. He did, he grabbed me from behind and started kissing my neck, ooh what a feeling, then he went down and kissed my bare necked thighs. He uplifts my dress from my back and kissed my ass, he started massaging my pussy. I was holding sofa and was too aroused to get his dick in my pussy.

He removed my lacy panty and said He: let me see juice flowing from your pussy to your silky smooth white thighs, I like to leek your juice from your smooth thighs. And yesss, hee started massaging my pussy and started leaking my juice and crushing my thighs , my thighs became red. He slapped my bums I enjoyed it. He removed my dress completely and lifted me. I was naked in arms of a stranger. I was excited and scared like hell. But with this fantasy I was unstoppable. He was kissing my whole body like mad. He see bottle of oil. He threw me on bed and pour oil on my whole body. He started massaging my body parts. First legs, thighs, then my back, he slid to my bums oooh yes its great if those hard hands massage your bums, wowoo. Now he slide his hand to my ass and inserted figure there, I made noise and denied, nooo please not there. He slapped my bums and said .. “Chup kutti” aaj to tare har kone ko ragad dunga” (shut up bitch, I’ll rub all corners of your body like hell). He then massage my boobs and removed all his clothes. I could see his 7 inches rock hard dick. I was bit scared of his love making, but he making me more excited by his massage to my pussy now. He then thrown me on bed and jumped on me, he slide his hard dick in to my wet pussy, it was easy as I was too wet and dying to get it inside. After 5 inches, when he pushed in, ouch it was pain as nothing ever went soo deep. Ooh, I was full of pleasure, he started increasing pace and now there was liquid sound of pach pach from my pussy I was on him now, ramming my pussy against him, I came 3 times but he was pumping me with f***e. I bagged him to stop, but he made me cum fourth time. Now I can’t take anymore, he took it out and I turned. It was terrible mistake because while I was relaxing, he suddenly put his dick in to my ass. It was first time and terrible pain, after 10 mins when he loaded my ass with his thick cum, he came out of me. Ooh I never had this in my entire life. Now he come daily after my hubby and we sometime take bath together. He is planning me to take Goa for trip, not sure how and what all we gonna do there, I want to reveal little more of my secret to all of you.After the first hot session with that stranger, I found his name – Rahul, how does it matter, what matters is what next after that session. After I got my first ever fuck with a stranger I was very confused next morning, didn’t know what is going to happen and was feeling guilty as I should not have done with a stranger and mainly another person than my husband. Next morning I didn’t go out to see off my husband, the even grocery was not needed so I didn’t go out as well. I took my bath and was just thinking about what I did a day before. I started thinking about ho he slide my dress and crushed my big boobs, suddenly I felt horny and what all I was feeling guilty of, went off. I’d started feeling more excited about Rahul’s strong body. I peep outside to see if he still there, but he wasn’t, might have gone after waiting for me or he might felt bad about what we did. I can’t stay at home, thought of going out, I wore my outside dress, salwar kameez and with light makeup, I went shopping. I didn’t wear any bra, so I can show him my bouncy boobs and erect teats, waiting for his mouth. I went to few shops but getting bored, actually, my eyes were looking for Rahul and now I was feeling frustrated. But others were enjoying the feast of my bouncy , braless breasts. I plan to go back home and look for him there, I board a bus, suddenly to my surprise Rahul was in front of me and pulled me into the bus. He held my hand and pulled me towards his body and hugged me very tight, I also hugged him like I am his wife. He kept his one hand on my bum and my bouncy boobs resting on his chest. He could feel me not wearing any bra, he took chance to crush my breast by hiding from peoples around us. After we reach our colony we came out of the bus and walked towards my apartment. I could still feel his warm and hard hand on my lower back. I opened the door and we came in, suddenly he grabbed me and locked the door. He removed my salwar and started leaking my legs and then crushing , kissing leaking my thighs. Then he removed my kameez and jumped on my bare naked breasts waiting for him to play. First, hold them and squeeze them hard and then started sucking them one by one. I didn’t know when he removed my panty with his legs and inserted his dick, but once he jerked it in, I was not in control. His dick makes me mad. Suddenly my mobile rang and it was my hubby, I picked the call my mistake and was speaking to him, my hard breath was not in control.He doubted if I am sick, Me: hellllooo o mmh Hubby: hi janu, are you okay ? Me: yesss mmh I am fineee mmh Hubby: seems you got sick Me: nooo mmh tell me di you mmh haddd lunnnch? Suddenly rahul increased pace and I mad sound aaah Hubby: what happened Me: nothing just got my figure cut, its paining aaah mmmh oooh hhh mmh Hubby: be careful darling, shell I come there? Me: nooo I.. I will take care Hubby: ok I’ll call you later, I just want to tell you about my US tour for a month and unfortunately it will be traveling all the time so I have to go alone. I can’t control my excitement after hearing this and I suddenly came Me: ooh nooo,, (I was cumming) ooh nooo please aaah mmmmh Hubby: I know darling you are upset but can’t help, I am very sorry. Chalo I have to leave byee Me: ooh ook… Byee After disconnecting the phone, I was super excited and jumped on rahul and ramming my pussy against his dick. He also can’t resist and both of us came together. Me : rahul, my husband is going to us for a month, kuch plan kro na.. Rahul: sure, let’s go for outing , but only on one condition Me: bolo Rahul: you won’t say no to anything I asked you .. Ok? Me: oho bade plan banake chalrahe ho (seems you making lot of naughty plans) After a week, early morning I dropped my husband at the airport and went to the parlor, I got my whole body waxing done, hair style done as well. Rahul asked me to get special mehndi done like a newly wedded bride. I also want to get my special mehndi done. So I got it done up to my thighs and up to my shoulders. I reached home and slept after dinner. Next morning I got ready and was wearing salwar kameez to hide all my surprises. Around 8 am Rahul was at door, we hugged each other and went inside. He was not leaving me, I asked him “Chodo na”, he said, aaj to tu bahoot chikni our nav naveli dulhan lagrahi hai?” lagta hai dusre honeymoon ki bahoot tayari kar rakhi hai?. I was feeling shy, he had two bags with him. I asked about language. Me: are rahul, how two bags? Rahul: second is your bag, just take your toothbrush and makeup kit, I got each and every cloth for you. He is good at the size, earlier also he got me fit clothes. I picked up makeup kit and my toothbrush as he said. We board in to train to goa, he booked AC compartment for us, only we two were there and other two seats were empty.He gave me a packet, asked me to change in this, I was looking at him to go out, he smiled at me and went out of the cabin. I opened it, it was a small jeans nicker which is 10 inches and zip on both sides up to my panty line with dark pink color spaghetti top. It was skin fit to me, also there was one chit with it, “Dear once done, please throw your dirty salwar kameez out of the train, so I can see it and come in”. I was confused as I don’t want to throw my clothes, but as I promised I had to do what he say. After all, he is my husband for a month.

I threw all and was only in his given clothes, I was waiting for him, suddenly there were two guys fighting and entered into our cabin, both were dark and ugly guys. They were together and got a ticket for same of our cabin and opposite birth/seat. Followed them, Rahul came in. I was shocked as I am in honeymoon dress to get fucked by Rahul and these two guys of age 37 or 40 came in with both staring at my rosy lips, smooth milky arms, necked thighs decorated with mehndi, and milky breasts trying to come out of my spaghetti. One looked right into my eyes, I felt like he is touching my whole body with his ugly hands. I was thrilled and scared, I was feeling shy as well, I was trying to hide my assets and necked body from them, unfortunately, I followed Rahul and already threw my only salwar and kameez. I was cursing my luck and decision to come with Rahul today. Luckily Rahul, came and sit next to me, saving me from their hungry eyes. They also involved in their argument. Suddenly Rahul kissed on my cheeks to make me comfortable. One guy asked us G1: hi, are you going to goa Rahul: yes we are going on our honeymoon I was shocked Rahul said about our honeymoon and talking as my real husband. While telling he kept his arm around my shoulder and squeeze it so I put my head on his shoulder, which I did. Guy 2 looked at me and soon I see him, he asked me G2: aap ki mehndi to bahoot khoobsurat hai. I was feeling shy, but there was no reason I misbehave to those guys, they did nothing wrong so far. Me: thh.. Thanks.. G1: aap ki jodi to kisi hero heroin se kam nahi lagti, jaroor love marriage hogi Rahul: haan ,, love marriage hi hai. G2 looked into my eyes and asked rahul : does your name starts with “Ra”? – and again looked into my eyes. Rahul: yes , I am rahul, how you know? That basted must have looked at my left thigh very closely , I had rahul’s name on it, which he could see as “Ra”, he looked to my eyes to see my reaction G2: bas I just guessed. I was trying to hide by putting my hand, he smiled at me. On goa route there are many tunnels may be nearly 91. Every tunnel comes, rahul kiss me and touch my whole body with his strong hands. This went for 2- -3 tunnels another tunnel I felt three hands ramming on my thighs and making them apart. Suddenly once the light came I found only rahul by my side. I am sure one of those two guys tried to touch me. Not I was scared like hell. Suddenly another tunnel came, which was quite long, I knew rahul just went to upper birth to get something from the language. Suddenly I felt very heavy hands on my breast and someone with beard kissing me f***efully with another pair of hands playing with my thighs and another mouth kissing my thighs. I was trying to protest but both of them were too strong to get away with. Both lowered me from seat and started playing with my inner parts, one inserted his hand inside my top and squeezing my breasts and another fingering my pussy inside my nicker. Suddenly they broke and left me on floor, rahul see me lying on floor and started fighting with them, both of them went out of the cabin. Rahul console me and make me normal and calm. I was scared like hell, but rahul made me sl**p comfortably. We reached hotel and got fresh, asked for a meal in room and after meal rahul became romantic. We had a good session and he gave me a two piece bikini with white shirt. Asked me to wear and walk with him from the hotel to the beach. Beach was 15 min walk from the hotel. I was feeling shy. Rahul said, you promised me. I wore that bikini in the bathroom with shirt on it and came out, rahul was standing in front of me. He had mangal sutra in his hand. I don’t wear it normally and it was not mine. I asked Me: are rahul what is this? Rahul: jaan this is mangal surta, let me tie and make you my wife I was shy and had another feeling of him touching me like a husband We went out, everyone was enjoying my white milky smooth thighs and mehndi on it, few guys took snaps of my lower body. I was wearing a hat to hide my face. Rahul was holding me like a real husband and enjoying me as a newly wed wife of his. Many guys looked at me and followed us, out of them there was the same guy1 who fingered me in the train, he was looking at me and leaking his middle figure like he was still tasting my pussy juice. I again got scared and grabbed rahul harder. We reached beach and rahul removed my shirt and ask me to keep my sandals on it, he also kept his shoe and my hat on it. We ran into sea and were playing. Suddenly I realized those two guys came and were apologizing for their mistakes, they said they were d***k and never ever do such things. We all three went to shad and had some snacks and beer. Later we went to the hotel and had dinner after the bath. Those guys were very funny and were not touching me at all. I was now very comfortable with them. Guy 1 said, he got an idea, there is cruise they can hire to go to an island nearby, it is beautiful and mesmerizing. I was excited, rahul was also interested in this. Next morning rahul gave me another dress and asked not to wear any bra, it was a short skirt and short top with thin material, one can easily see my brown nipples. I argued him Me: no, this is not something I can wear today, those two guys could see me naked. Rahul: they have already seen your beautiful smooth milky body dear. Let them have eye candy. You are my wife you have to obey me I was feeling excited by hearing all this, I thought of let those guys have some reward after all they are paying off this trip to an island. We met those guys, they were complimenting me for my white top and white skirt, G1: are bhabhi today you are looking like an angel G2: yes your body color is more white than your clothes, I was feeling shy G1: rahul is really lucky to have a wife like you , he don’t need to switch on lights when you are with short clothes. I was melting with their comments, rahul was massaging my buttocks by hiding from them. But next comment took hell out of me , I was completely grounded. G2: good am not rahul, or else I would have been blind after first night, in shorts if she is bright like hell then what if she ….. I was wet, my god I was feeling like hell…. Cruise came and we board to the cruise, to pull me g1 gave me his hand, he was enjoying touching me and once I came, he put his hand on my lower back( naked bare silky body) and helped me to get in. I was thrilled but didn’t object as he was helping and this is fine. We reached that island and this time, g2 took the opportunity to get me down, suddenly I lost balance and he grabbed me with my tummy in his hand. That bastard took opportunity hand fallen on my back, kissed my neck, shoulder and touched my body with his strong palms. We got up, that cruise left us for a complete day. Rahul and I were again into water and playing with each other, we came out, both guys came with three beer and gave one to rahul.Suddenly rahul shacked his beer and showered me with it. Both of those guys jumped on me and started leaking it. I was just shocked, they both kissing me and enjoying my whole milky smooth body. Rahul asked them to get apart and took me in arms. Rahul: sali aaj to tujhe ek honeymoon main teen teen ka maja dange. Pyar se aaja, nahi to jabardasti le lange. I was shocked but had no choice, either with love or ****. But I can’t take all of them at a time. Me: ok,, but I have two conditions.. You all need to make me wet and horny also I can’t do with three at a time. G1: rani we also have enough time , you can change partner any hour you want. They started playing in water without touching me. Sometime rahul grab me but both of other guys just keeping distance. One of the guys came near to me and asked , can I kiss your hands? I lifted my hand and gave in his hands. He started kissing my fingers like he was hungry since days. I was feeling good with his kisses and leaking my arms. Another guy came and asked, can I kiss your thigh? I was enjoying my arms, I smiled and closed my eyes, that guy started kissing my feet, then legs, then knees and then started crushing my naked thighs inside my short skirt. Both of them were making me feel good. Suddenly guy kissing arm put his hand between my two legs and lifted me. I said ooh and was laughing on this act.They took me out from the sea, removed my skirt and slowly kept me on a towel rahul managed to put. I was getting a massage with thick palms and thick lips. I let them kissing me all over the body. Now I asked rahul to join as he was alone, all three were kissing my body, one guy asked G1: can kiss your breast ? I smiled and moved my head one side, so they get my permission to open my top. They didn’t wait, just pulled it off my body with bouncy breasts in front of their hungry mouth. My both breasts were in the mouth of rahul and g1. I am sure they sucking and kissing like no one can see any part of my breast. They were holding it with one hand and squeezing them hard. Other guy (g2) finished his feast and kissing my pussy through panty. I hold my panty tight so he can’t pull it down. But how long a lady can hold her panty if two guys sucking her breast and one guy insisting her to remove by kissing and fingering her pussy. Finally, I gave up and lifted my bums to make it easy for him. He removed my panty in a second and started sucking my love juice out of my juicy pussy. I was lying naked under three guys, all three were enjoying my silky smooth milky body without letting an inch or centimeter. I could feel their strong thrust on all parts of my body. I can’t resist, I needed a dick. But I was shy to ask any of those guys to start fucking me. So I started moving my bums up and down. All of them understood my need, need of my pussy to get filled, but all three of them want me to beg for it. I asked Rahul to put his dick inside, he asked guy 1 to start, g1 removed his underwear and took my both thighs in his arms and started kissing them. G2 came to my breast and started squeezing them, also started kissing my juicy rosy lips. I couldn’t see g1 and his dick but can feel thickness against my pussy. He slid half and it was too thick for me. I scream in pain and in second jerk it was complete inside my pussy. All three understood and instead of g1 jerking, they started playing with my body and fingering my pussy and ass. I gain excitement and slowly started moving my ass. G1 also started moving his dick slowly and I don’t know when but we both were doing it very fast and with long shots. I was on top of him and my ass was getting a massage from g2’s dick g1 grabbed me hard and my ass was in the air , free for g2 to get in. She put a condom and put a lot of oil on it. Aaaaa and it was aiiii .. You know but yes after some time I was enjoying being sandwich . My white body in between two black fat dudes ramming their thick dick inside my lower holes. I was making all kinds of loud noise, as no one around I can make very loud noise and enjoy fucking. Aaa yesss it was like never thought of this pleasure. They fucked me whole day. They made me bath in their cum, it was all ver my body. Finally, day got over and I was with three husbands at end of the day. We all three went to the hotel and stayed in one room for a week, we all three sl**p naked. One by one they took bath with me, they got me cleaned like hell and fucking me like hell. There was no place we did not enjoy making love. All of us were enjoying like hell. Some time one guy left alone with me and the second guy joined like the stranger.We played many games and one of them was real ****. I was in a sari when all three came into the room. I was supposed to say no to them and all tear clothes apart from my body. Made me necked and fucked me hard. I enjoyed all role play we did.