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I was born into a poor family and they done everything they could to give a good life. My mother died when I was 14 and my father died five years later in a work accident. As a only child I got everything which wasn't all that much. I was lucky to have such good parents, but I had left school at 16 to help support us. With the death of my father I left the town I'd lived in all my life and got a job on a cruise ship and then another. Travelling around I kept away from men who just wanted sex and nothing else, but I also learn the customs of the places I visited. Then I was at small village and a young girl was marrying an older man, much older. I asked some of the villages why such a big different in their ages. I was told the bride came from a poor family and the old man was rich. He got a young bride and could have children with her and she got a better life.

The groom was a respected man in the area and treated everyone well and the bride would be also treated well. She did seem happy even when she was away from everyone, if she had any misgivings they didn't show. I dismissed as old customs and not suited to our modern lifestyles. I came across these types of marriages 2 more times over the following years. One was a widow in her mid thirties had 2 children to late husband a boy and a girl, she had married at 18 and she said she had a great marriage and she really missed him. He had left her very well off and set for life and still young enough to enjoy it as well. I was then 26 and I thought pity I couldn't find a older man to set my life up as well as her was now. I've had affairs and nothing came of them, I got a job on shore for a change mainly as the pandemic had stopped the cruise ships. Feeling my life wasn't going anywhere, then I met David (52 then) self made man well off from all reports and most of all single. He owned several businesses in the local area and lived on a 40 acre property by himself. He was regarded as a noble person I was told by the local librarian and somebody who took in strays dogs and gave them a good home. Never been seen to date anyone, I met him at a local fete. He seemed to be a kind man and paid good wages to his employees. It all seemed too good to be true, but nobody had a bad word to say about him. He didn't try and chat me up like other men young or old and I never saw him drink alcohol which was where most the local men done at the fete. I had learnt sewing from my mother and had kept it up and I heard he wanted some curtains made for his house, he hadn't found any ready made ones he liked. But had got material he liked and wanted to use for the curtains. Simple enough to do, but nobody locally done that anymore and wouldn't consider doing it either. So I told him I had made curtains and would do it for him if he wanted. But due to my work I could only do it on weekends, he was okay with that and I started the next weekend. I thought it would at most take 2 weekends. but his home had 5 bedrooms and 2 loungerooms plus 3 bathrooms and the kitchen. The master bedroom was twin aspect and had 2 windows as was one loungeroom also. I had bought a old sewing machine, it was old but worked well. I started by measuring all the windows and after that first weekend had done the bathrooms and the kitchen. The following weekend done both lounges and started the bedrooms on the next weekend. He and I got on rather well and he finally asked me did I have a boyfriend and I said no. I asked him did he have any children and he said no, I asked the question he want children and he said had wanted some but it was too late now. Why that I asked, who would want an old man like me. I could've said me, but told him of the custom of younger women marrying older men in the places I've been. They don't do that here he answered, have you enquired I asked. Thinking a bit before he said no, I said I'd thought I could marry a good man to have secure future when overseas.

He looked at me and straight asked me if I thought him a good enough man to marry. From what I've seen you are I said, so you would marry me if I asked he added. I don't see a problem, but you would've to be sure before you asked me that I was right for you I answered. After I had finished all the curtains and hadn't thought more about marrying him. He asked me straight to marry him, at first I thought he was joking. But he pulled out a ring and asked me again, I thought for a minute and said yes. Mainly because I thought he was fooling about marriage at the time. He wasn't and we married the following weekend, quick and we started trying to have children straight away. He was twice my age, but I did get pregnant fairly quickly and had a son David junior last November, David asked me how many children I was willing to have for him and I said all you want I try to give you. He wanted to hire a housekeeper to help with the house work and I said no I'll do it. In the time we been married I been very happy with him and my new life and he says he very happy also