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So, like most Saturday nights this summer, Anna came by my place tonight. But tonight was different in a most awesome way. She came over on her anniversary. As soon as I let her in, Anna left no doubt about her intentions. Without saying a word, she pressed her body up against me and kissed me on the mouth hard. I kissed her back, pushing her up against my door as my free hand wandered up the front of her shirt. She was braless and I took full advantage, savoring the soft feel of her tits in my hand, before I pulled her shirt off entirely. Exposed, I buried my face between her breasts, before taking one of her nipples in my mouth, and sucking gently. Anna let out a slow moan, and then lustily asked me if I was going to fuck her. Tonight. On her wedding anniversary? Hell Yes. A moment later and she was bent over my couch with her panties around her ankles. I slid my dick inside her easily, feeling her warmth and wetness envelop me, and to my amusement I could tell she was a little loose; that she'd been fucked recently. "Did you fuck him tonight?" She nodded, and practically purred out her response. She'd had anniversary sex with her husband (my friend); Nice, slow and loving; The exact opposite of why she'd come here. "Sometimes a girl just wants to fuck". Lucky me.

I took her from behind, hard, and before long had her moaning with pleasure. We ended up switching positions, and I found myself on my back, with Anna on top of me. She rode me hard, her body rocking up and down on my cock, making her C-Cup tits sway to the rhythm of our bodies in motion. I could feel myself getting close, so I pulled her down to me, getting a nice facefull of her breasts. With her head next to mine, she whispered to me. "I want you to cum in my pussy tonight". With that, Anna went back to work; legs spread, body arched backwards, riding me until I couldn't take it anymore. I came hard, and blew my load inside her, good and deep. Anna flopped down on top of me, and as we lay there entangled it hit me; She'd just let me cum in her pussy on her anniversary. How fucking awesome is that! And then, unbelievably, a little while later the night took another turn. Anna suggests going out for a drink, and we end up at my local sports bar. It only takes a couple of minutes for Anna to start flirting with a couple of college-aged guys next to us; Within half an hour we're back at my place with both of them. I'd been introduced as "her boyfriend" and as the conversation took the inevitable turn to the sexual, Anna had revealed that I like to watch her with other men. I almost laughed, because aside from the boyfriend part, that's entirely true. I end up watching them from the side of the bed; Anna is on her back, with one of the young guys guys pumping his dick in and out of her pussy as the other guy gets his dick sucked. I watch as they live out a fantasy with "some whore" they met in a bar, because make no mistake, the only thing about Anna that they care about is that she's both super fucking easy and hot. It doesn't take long before they make Anna climax, and at that point I suggest that the guys trade positions. I watch Anna as she takes the dick, now slick with her own cum, into her mouth without objections. I ask her "How do you taste baby?" and with a smile she tells me she tastes great tonight.

The two young guys are surprisingly comfortable fucking Anna in tandem, and when I ask they tell me they'd done it before with an old girlfriend. I watch as they fuck, change positions and fuck some more. I push them to fuck her harder, and the guys are eager to please, working up to a feverish pace as they get closer and closer. "Blow your loads inside her fucking pussy. Both of you." Finally one of them moaned, shoving into Anna hard, his body spasming as he emptied himself deep inside her. His buddy laughed "Fuck, I have to go in there now"? But as his buddy pulled out, he didn't hesitate to get back inside Anna's used cunt, and blow his own load. And quite sexily, Anna didn't break eye contact with me as they came. After they cleaned up, I saw the guys out, then went back to the bedroom to find Anna, content and half asl**p. She still had her legs spread, and with them wide open there was no hiding that her pussy was leaking the mess they'd left inside her. "I hope you know how unbelievably hot it is that you let me and those guys blow our loads in you today". I got a smile before she closed her eyes again, satisfied and content.