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My name is Penny, I am 25 years old, white, and like to enjoy life to the full. I was trying to locate a friend of mine who had recently moved to a village twenty miles from where I lived. It was on a very hot day in July, so all I was wearing was a short dress and top, and had decided to go commando that day as well ! The location was proving a little difficult to find, so I went up to a bungalow situated just off the main road to ask directions. A big muscular black guy who looked about the same age as me, opened the door dressed in only a ripped pair of denim shorts, and gave me one of his pearly white smiles. “Hello” he said, “How can I help you”? I explained to him that I was looking for my friend that had recently moved to the area, and gave him the address, to which he replied that he could not think where it was, but had a street map of the village in the lounge, and if I would like to come in, we could locate it together. I followed him into the house, as he closed the front door behind me, and ushered me into the lounge, where about nine other black guys aged between 20 – 35 similarly dressed, and of the same physique playing cards, drinking coffee, and watching television. “Don''t mind them” he said, noticing my nervousness, “They are gathered here for a wedding in a few hours time at the local church” he explained, as he spread out the map on the dinning room table. As we poured over the map together, I felt a hand slide up my left leg from behind, and almost at the same time another stroke my right leg, making me jump. “What do you think you are you doing”? I asked as I turned around, “What do you think” said one of the men as he discovered my knickerless bottom. “It looks like you had this all planed out right from the start you little slut” he laughed, as he started to finger my pussy.”Stop it please I cried out”! “Not a chance baby” he sniggered as the rest of the lads gathered round for a piece of the action.

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