Wild anal sex

"You smell good," he speaks softly as he looks into my eyes. I respond with the truth, "That is because you're arousing me." "Tell me what you're thinking," he asks. "That I hope you make me beg," I mean it. I am sitting on the table. He is standing before me, naked and I am almost unable to refrain from touching him. He tortures me with his fingers as his jolts them inside. "You can be that aroused just to make yourself wait?" "Yes." "Why?" "I haven't earned you yet." He remained silent. "May I see your phone please?" He heads over to discarded pants and finds his phone on the floor. He hands it to me with an odd juxtaposing insouciant curiosity defining his face. I go over to his contacts before asking, "What was the name of the waitress that brought our drinks?" "Amber, Ashley. Something with an 'A'." "Amanda, no she brought the food. I am talking about the woman you exchanged numbers with and she insisted you call her." "How did you know?" "I heard you both speaking when I came back from the bathroom. Please, it is not like I care. I am not the jealous type. Plus you're sizzlingly sexy. It is to be expected. What was her name?" "'Sizzlingly sexy'? She sent a text." "Yes, I was trying to cutely play with words, highlighting the food you ordered at the restaurant.... I failed miserably, I am distracted. Here." I hand him his phone back. "You are not going to read it?" "Nope. I don't like that, I think it crosses a line. I will look for a number in front of you, as it is just generic but I am not reading personal messages." He hands it back. "You can read it. She's just coming on to me. Her name is Emma." "No, I just need her number." I bring up the message and without reading it click the phone icon. Emma answers right after the third ring. "Hi Sexy. I was hoping you'd call." "Hi Emma, you probably are not able to remember me since you were preoccupied with my friend. I know you are interested in him, would you like to come over? He is ready and waiting and I think he would thoroughly enjoy some special attention." She asks for the address and says she can be there in under an hour. I end the call and handed the phone back. "Emma will soon be on her way. I am going to put a little bit more on than what I have," realizing that naked people answering a door is unsettling, maybe even borderline creepy. He goes to do the same before I stop him, "Don't get dressed yet. She could take a while, come here." He comes over to me as I sit on the couch. I begin to touch him, "I thought you said you haven't earned me yet?" "I haven't. I am not doing all that I am desiring to do, I am merely attempting to keep you in your current glorious state. You can't just let it pass and go to waste."

I resume and begin speaking to him, "Just think, in a short amount of time you could have two women worshiping you." I move my head closer to him as if I am about to take him into my mouth, pause for a brief moment and back off, resuming my strokes but keeping them slow and firm. "Do it." "Not yet." A knock. I remove my hands from him as I get up from the couch and head to the front door. Upon opening, I sew why he so readily exchanged numbers with her. "You are beautiful," the words roll off my tongue as she walks in with an energy of casual confidence. "Thanks," is her response. "Where is he?" "He is over in the living room." She walks straight towards him and I follow. I see he has his pants on. Emma goes straight to him, almost audacious, her hands on his chest, pausing only to take off her own clothing. Blossoming abstractions molding into thoughts begin to reach for my attention just as he extends his arm calling me to join them. I happily oblige as I leave the thoughts where they are, incomplete. He leans in to kiss me with Emma and I almost allow myself to experience what I long for most, to simply not be. An exile to this hell of emotionally expectant expression, I lack even the energy it takes to hate. No escape, except through this. Bliss for him. Bliss for her. Quiet for me. Th methodology of lust fluctuates and makes the coursing blood pulse so loud that the racing thoughts disavow. Don't give up now. Emma is not one that shares well. She binds herself in a brume of insecurity as she takes control and I am left alone standing here. I suppose I can put more effort into joining in if only to evade my endless fate. Whatever, I just need a cigarette. I'll wait. A modicum of joy at the lit tonic of poison in my hands until he locks eyes with me, a command. I approach them as the power of his movement makes her sore. He speaks only with his eyes indicating he wants me down on the floor next to them, no surprise. I am close in proximity, thirsting for all he could do to me. His touch is rough, gripping my throat firmer still until he stops. He gets up and lifts me off of the floor, carries me to his room and shuts the door. "Why did you leave her down there?" "I am done with her. Let's go."

I go to my knees with an air of ease akin to absolution tasting their union. I pause. "Why did you stop?" "Are you sure you want to be done with her?" "Hun. She is probably gone already. What is the big deal?" "The taste of both of you is unique in scrumptiousness." Smiling, he responds, "As wonderful as that is, we can do better." "Okay." As the night fades I spend my time in primal devotion to him unabatedly. What a night.