She loves Anal

I'm Chris 30 single and not much good at dating and so would usually be alone on the weekend. Having moved to city for work away from family, I lived in an apartment building and don't know many of the other residents. Anyway I was home as usual on a Friday and most of the other residents had gone out.

I decide to go and get some exercise and pickup my dinner on the way home. I walked around for about an hour and then headed for home picking up takeout on the way. I came upon a woman having trouble with some packages, so offered to help her carry them just as far as my building with turned out to be hers as well. Her name is Louise 54 widowed and 2 grown children who have their own lives now. As we took the elevator to her floor, the smell of my takeout made her hungry. She didn't get any for herself on her way home, because of her packages. I had plenty and offered to share it with her, she thought about and agreed. We stayed talking after dinner and over the following weeks became firm friends. Neither of us had any relationship, I was given some tickets at work to a show as I had done well at a project and it was my reward for that. But I didn't have anyone to go with, but then thought of Louise. So I asked her and she accepted, so then we started going out. Movies and a show or two or just a dinner to get out and about. After going to a movie we stopped at bar for a drink, we head back home. On arrival as we rode the elevator to Louise's floor, she asked me was I interested having sex with her.

I was a little shocked, but nodded approval anyway. I hadn't thought her sexually before as I think I was conditioned not to expect sex from women I knew or met. I stayed the night with Louise and sex between us became regular for on most weekends. Neither expecting a relationship, but more of a sexual relief for both of us. Louise taught me a great deal and if I find a wife she will benefit from Louise training of me.