BBC Fuck PAWG Sara Jay!

very sexy Rose pink “Yes I have I’ve wondered if Terry was any good in bed is his cock bigger than yours and were they having more sex than us ,I’ve wondered what Susan does to keep him happy does she wear sexy underwear or no underwear,does Terry touch her up while she’s doing the dinner, have they ever had sex on the kitchen table. Terry was a bit worried this was getting out of hand but Susan beat him to it “I’ll tell you what we do, yes I do wear nice underwear I always have and sometimes no underwear, Terry often puts his arms around me while I’m cooking the dinner but we haven’t had sex on the kitchen table for years and lastly Terry all ways s me in bed his cock is as big as I need to satisfy me but it’s not only the size it’s all the other stuff I like the idea of dressing up nice stuff sexy stuff. .But I do like the idea of some roleplay I’ve decided I’m going to be Terry’s sex slave he can do what he likes with me even to lending me out if that’s what he wants if he wants to watch me suck someone’s cock why not you only live once Terry laughed “are you serious you’re going to be my sex slave and do anything I tell you, suppose I decide to tie you up, make you wear slutty clothes lend you out. Susan said “I am yours to command. James said, “Can I be first in the queue please? if Ann Fancies Terry I get to shag Sue.” Terry laughed “Are suggesting we do a swop “All three looked at him and nodded “Well bugger me said, Terry. “I rather bugger Susan,” said James and they all laughed “ And that’s how it started the following Saturday the women went for a drink and the chaps chatted them up pretending to be from out of town.James with Susan and Terry with Ann. They were all a bit shy to start with back at the house but after a few glasses of wine, they relaxed. Ann made the first move I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to do for years she said and the men were surprised when she kissed Susan full on the lips and Susan responded with enthusiasm.S he pulled Ann to her they were sitting on the settee Susan pushed Ann backwards so she was laying on it. Susan might have been Terry’s slave but she was in charge here now. Ann’s dress had ridden up showing off some very sexy Rose pink silk underwear and tan stocking tops. his cock into her mouth Ann spread her legs the thin silk covered her glory hole Susan slipped her hands between Ann’s thighs, Ann let out a moan “Finger me there” oh that’s so nice I wondered what it was like for lesbians now I can know …let me suck your nipples she said .Susan stood up undid her dress and let it fall to the floor.No bra, no knickers a suspender belt stocking and high heels. James’s erection got even harder he couldn’t help but give it a rub Ann pulled her dress off to reveal her bra was cut under her breast her nipples were hard and Terry knew exactly what he wanted to do with them. James had bought that set of underwear pink silk bra, knickers suspender belt for her but she had never worn it before, she looked very sexy it whatever happens tonight he was going to have sex with his beautiful wife. The men were lost in admiration their wives were showing them a side they had never seen before. Ann was sucking on Susan’s nipples, Susan’s fingers were working away at Ann’s pussy the thin silk of Ann’s panties pushed aside, moisture glistened between her pussy lips Terry thought I won’t have any trouble getting my cock in there James looked at Sues butt“ Does Susan take in the arse Terry?“ “Not as yet but they do say they want to do things in a new things “Does does Ann?” Asked Terry She goes wild for it but she’s not keen on giving oral.” “May be she will change her mind tonight, Susan is really good so You’re in for a treat she loves to suck” Both the men had removed their clothes while watching their wife suck and finger each other James stood behind Susan and put his hand between her legs, her pussy juices were dripping onto his fingers. They slipped into Ann’s cunt easily James’s thumb circled her bum and with a gentle push, it went in. Susan bent her knee’s giving him a little more room. licking at her wet cunt her clit Susan reached behind her and took James cock in her hand turning round she sat on the edge of the settee and took his cock into her mouth her right hand cupped his balls and her left worked its magic. Terry spread Ann’s legs and buried his head between her thighs his tongue licking at her wet cunt her clit stood up like a post. Terry worked his tongue around it Ann screamed out and pushed her hips forward hard into Terry’s face “bite me make me feel the pain !!!!“Terry bit down on her clit and pulled at it she screamed again “I Love IT LOVE IT. “So are you enjoying the pain Ann if you are I have something to show you? Terry had a gleam in his eye. I show me! Oh my god! I’ve never felt this way before I need more than a good hard fuck. Terry took her hand “Come with me” she went willingly not upstairs as she thought but down to the cellar Terry put the light on and Ann was amazed at what she could see it was a torture chamber hooks and chain hung from the Ceiling and the walls a sturdy post was fixed in the middle, wrist cuffs on a short chain hung from the top…Terry looked at Ann,” Are you ready for this are you ready for some pain? “Not Yes please terry “Down here I am the MASTER so shall we try again Are you ready for some pain’? Ann replied “Yes Master“ Terry took her to the post lifted her hands and locked them into the shackles above her head “feet apart “Terry ordered The cold steel shackles snapped shut around her ankles and were fixed to two rings in the floor by short chains. Terry stepped back and looked at his handy work “A couple more things I think from a box he picked out a red ball gag Ann readily opened her mouth and let him put it in and buckle it tightly. Now the pain “Terry had a whip in his hand he let it swish through the air Ann wasn’t sure this was a good idea then it hit her across the butt it took her breath away swish whack, swish whack, The soft skin on her butt glowed red the hiss of the whip in the air was intoxicating. Terry reversed the cock shaped handle of the whip and slowly pushed it into Ann’s cunt.

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