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sexual tricks and games they played

I recently returned to Australia after 4 years of living in South-East Asia, mostly in Thailand where I had been completely corrupted by the exotic Thai bar girls of that country’s red-light districts. During that period, they taught me a variety of kinky games and sex tricks that I had never ever experienced before. Over a period of time I lived with several gorgeous young Thai babes who willingly introduced me to all the sexual tricks and games they played to satisfy the men they fucked.

had a great view of watching

Suzy was a special beauty. She had chosen her name from a movie called, ‘The world of Suzy Wong’ about a pretty young and very popular bar girl who lived and worked in the Red-light district of Hong Kong. She told me that it was just the same as her life was, in the girlie bars of Thailand.
Suzy was one of those beautiful and rare girls who really enjoyed sex so was very popular with all the men cruising the bars looking for a ‘short time’ fuck. She smilingly called it, ‘Working Man’. We spent several nights together and I soon learnt she really did love to fuck. As I was also attracted to kinky sex and games, I urged her to continue to work the men who visited her bar. She and I soon formed a great relationship.
If she wished she could have any man she wanted to take care of her needs but they all wanted to forbid her from fucking with other men so she was very happy to shack-up with me when I stayed at Patong Beach, as I fully encouraged her to fuck around with any man who took her fancy.
A couple of my Aussie mates owned the “Kangaroo Bar” and we spend most evenings sitting in the front beer garden, drinking, playing Back-gammon and chatting while we had a great view of watching the bars girls ‘Working Man’.

giving me a sneaky smile and wink of the eye

Suzy was Queen Bee and attracted the passing male trade to the Kangaroo bar like bees to honey. It was her amazing looks and the skimpy outfits she wore that always grabbed their attention. I soon discovered that I was greatly turned on by watching her chatting up the male johns and after they had a few rounds of beer at the bar, leading them like tame lambs to the ‘Short Time Bungalows’ out the back of the bar. Within half an hour or less she was back. I must say they all looked very happy and contented as she settled them back at the bar for another round of drinks, while giving me a sneaky smile and wink of the eye. This never failed to give me a solid hard-on.

Date: December 8, 2019

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