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After about one hour, the assailants took Mzarteoeuseary to the apartment of his neighbor, a woman. They knocked at the door. When Mzarteoeuseary answered, she opened the door slightly. The assailants burst into the apartment. They shoved Mzarteoeuseary through the door and to the ground. They ordered everybody to “hit the floor.” Also in the apartment at the time were the woman’s stepbrother, Charles Hall, and her 8-year-old son, Frank. Hall was bound and placed on the couch in the living room. Frank was left in his bedroom.
While the others were searching the apartment, one of the intruders ordered the woman into the bathroom. He made certain the light in the bathroom was out and ordered her to remove her clothing. She refused and he ripped her clothes from her body. He then had sexual intercourse with her while holding a gun to her head. After about 15 minutes, a second man entered the bathroom. He was armed with a pistol. He also had intercourse with the woman. Then a third intruder entered the bathroom. He demanded that the woman perform an act of sodomy. She refused and the man placed his pistol in her vagina and said that he should “blow it off” for refusing his request. He then raped her twice. After about a half-hour, a fourth man, Lamoris Paige, entered the bathroom with the woman’s 8-year-old son, Frank. Paige put Frank on the toilet seat and said that he was going to show the child “just what kind of mamma he had.” He then raped the woman while Frank sat less than a foot away.

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Date: June 11, 2020

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