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lying on the floor staring at me lovingly

I decided to take drastic action, and peeled my clothes off my tight body. Freedom at last as the somewhat cool air created a ripple of goosebumps across my slim body. I felt eyes on my in that moment and instinctively brought my legs up to cover up my somewhat more personal parts.
I scanned around the room to find Rocket, lying on the floor staring at me lovingly. I laughed and relaxed my muscles, beckoning him to climb on the bed and nuzzle into me. Some company would be nice.
As he plodded onto the bed and lay down, he manoeuvred his snout onto my lap. I thought nothing of it, sweat pouring off my slick skin.

his tongue between my lips of love

Warmth spread from between my thighs. Great I thought, discharging now? But I looked down to see Rocket running his tongue across my slightly spread legs and finishing at my shaved, smooth privates. I moved to block him, but in doing so made him thrust his tongue between my lips of love. A chain of pleasure racked my body as he wiggled his tongue deeper. Instinctively my legs ripped apart and I sighed, giving Rocket a deep easy track in. Instantly my reflex’s faded into shock.

another orgasm shook me

His top teeth hit the outside, leaving small indents, but forced his bottom razor sharp teeth deep into my love hole. His teeth glanced off the sides of my lips and struck my my g-spot. I couldn’t take it anymore, and as I gave up my animal instincts took over, spreading my legs, lying back and thrusting with my hips. Rocket kept licking and biting until something built up inside me. I moaned as my legs spread even wider than before and my hips shivered. A small stream of liquid sprouted out from me and coated Rockets face, making his drive faster, licking even deeper than before. I moaned and groaned as Rocket coated me with his druel and pleasured me until another orgasm shook me.

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Date: February 21, 2020
Actors: Priya Rai

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