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Now my naked body is on display for anyone to see

About 2 weeks after I took my naked walk in the park at night. I came up with a new idea. To try some public flashing during the day light hours. I have a dress that opens down the front. Easy to take off and put back on quickly. I went to the park at about 11:00AM. During this time of the day I will not by accident flash any kids. I park my car. There on other vehicles on the parking lot. I walk out to the center of the park. I look and see nobody around. I open the front of my dress and let my tits out for the world to see.

I was sure my heart was going to jump out of my chest

Then I get back to a wooded area. Then I open my dress all the way. I keep checking for any people in the park. Then I take my dress off and place it over my shoulder. Now my naked body is on display for anyone to see. I’m walking in a wooded area. I started thinking about going into the more open area. I’m looking at the wide open areas of the park. I checked the area for anyone around. I dropped my dress to the ground. My plans were to walk about 100 feet out to the wide open space. Then walk back. I dropped my dress then kicked off my shoes. I began walking. The hot sun feels great on my naked skin.

see me in all my naked glory

I walk what I think is a hundred feet. I turn around and walk back. I was sure my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I get back to the woods and put my shoes back on. I began walking down the nature trail. Then I heard someone coming. I put my dress back on. After a man and a woman walk by. I let my tits back out. I get to the edge of the woods. I can see my cat about 200 feet away. I’m thinking about walking to my car with my tits on full display. So I go for it. If anyone driving by I can cover up in about a second or so. I get back to my car. I don’t think anyone seen me. So I drive home with my tits hanging free for anyone who may look in my car. I get home. And start planing part Two.

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Date: January 20, 2020

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