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He started to move his hips and thrust his erection up and down her soapy flesh. He gripped her shoulders and pulled her closer as he thrust faster. With little warning, he started to shoot sticky ropes of his cum across her chest. She kept fucking him with her breasts until the last shudder left his body. Her breasts were covered in the sheen of his milky cum and he massaged it into her flesh.

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Sophie used the hand-held shower to wash him clean of the soap and cum before turning it on herself. Despite not actually having sex with him, she was very wet between her legs. She was beginning to like this job already.

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“It’s exciting.” She decided to be honest. “I get to experience all of my desires with no consequences.”
“And what desires would those be?” He leaned towards her.
Moving further up his body, she straddled his hips. Rather than slipping his rock hard cock inside her, something she was aching to do, she tucked it between her legs.

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Date: February 14, 2020

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