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Come Inside Me,In My Bed


His cock was way too big for his small frame

I rolled and turned around enough to get a view of my naked nephew, standing next to my bed with a hard erection.
His cock was way too big for his small frame and with his legs so thin, his genital size was considerably exaggerated. A good aunt would have shown that she is awake and got the silly boy wear pyjamas and go back to bed but not me, not on that day anyway.

sniffing in my just fucked cunt

I rolled over onto my back throwing away the blankets and exposing my sticky, Clorox smelling vagina totally. I pretended to snore, I learnt the art from my nephew Sam!
Sam sighed and knelt down next to the bed, his face barely a few centimetres from me. My nephew was sniffing in my just fucked cunt! He got bolder and had his face right over my crotch. I closed my eyes tight just to make sure that I do not startle my perverted nephew. My heart was pounding as I tried to imagine how I could let him continue with whatever he wanted to do.

smell the drying sperm in my cunt

I was enjoying some erotic feelings which I was to learn and understand only after I quit harlotry. I could smell the drying sperm in my cunt, softening up as it got mixed with my secretions. I was so fucking horny, like someone who had not had sex for a long time, yet the reality was that I had had sex 5 times already, that day. My nephew was sniffing around my cunt and down the legs. I could feel his breath as it blew on my cunt lips. I shifted around again and this time had my legs totally spread apart, so much so that I felt the air blowing inside my inner cunt lips. Soon I was wet all over, my juices were flowing. I needed more.

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Date: February 18, 2020
Actors: Kristen Scott

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