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The men then pushed her down the hallway to the foot of the stairway, where one of them told her to remove her clothes and kneel down. He then forced her to suck his penis for about 15 minutes while telling her precisely how to do it. As she did this, the other man again hit her in the face with his fist.
After the man finished, his cohort forced Mrs Carter to suck his penis for another 10 to 15 minutes. The first man then forced her to perform another blowjob, and at the same time the second one again hit her in the face.
Both men then fucked her. While a man was fucking her, his cohort again forced her to suck his penis. She was then forced to lie down in the man’s urine, with her dress pushed into her mouth and her hands and feet tied together with her stockings, and as they were leaving one of the men kicked her in the side.
As soon as the door locked behind them, she broke the nylons, took the gag out of her mouth, and ran to the door, where she saw them throw her house keys across the street and start down the street.

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Date: May 24, 2020
Actors: Sara Jay

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