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Black Meat double team with Mia Khalifa


It was the first time I was taking a mature woman

I rode my bike to the mall a couple of kilometers away from home, and waited as Aunt Sheen had instructed me. Soon, I saw Aunt Sheen step out of a cab in front of the mall and signaled me. I rode my bike around to the parking as she waited for me. She was dressed in an abaya as usual, with the fitting burqa showing glimpses of her curvy body. I could see Aunt Sheen was only carrying her purse and saw no bags with her.

She signaled me to park the bike in the underground parking lot and wait for her there.

I was waiting for almost half hour, silently trying to figure out what would happen and how it would go down. It was the first time I was taking a mature woman, that too my older Aunt, to a resort for the whole weekend. My creative mind was forming increasingly taboo situations in my mind as I waited my Aunt Sheen to come.

“Let’s go, son.” Aunty’s voice broke my train of thoughts and I was startled as soon as I turned around and saw Aunt Sheen.

Aunt Sheen’s large round ass cheeks were even more prominent now

I was shocked and did not recognize Aunt Sheen for a few moments. Aunt Sheen was always dressed in conservative, loose clothes, such as a sari or a salwar kameez and wore a loose Abaya with a scarf covering her heard at all times. She barely wore makeup normally so it was fitting that I didn’t fail to recognize the hit, thick MILF who now stood in front of me.

Aunt Sheen was in a tight pair of jeans under a fitting, blue-colored button-down shirt. The jeans she wore seemed to stick to her contours like a second skin, showing off her slim waist which flared to her wide hips. Aunt Sheen’s large round ass cheeks were even more prominent now as the jeans gave them a perfect bubble-shape. I looked at her huge boobs that seemed to be straining to come out of her tight-fitted shirt. She had deliberately left the top two buttons undone, giving a clear view of her ample cleavage.

Aunt Sheen had on a bright red lipstick, clearly outlining her thin lips and wore a pair of sunglasses, looking ready for a bike ride.

My mouth hung open and I was speechless for a couple of seconds so she turned me around and took the backpack off of my shoulder. After she had arranged the burqa she had removed in the restroom in her backpack she slung it on her shoulder and prepared to sit behind me on the bike.

I had not been able to think of a single word to say to her till now and as soon as she was ready to go I started the bike and slowly rode out of the underground parking lot of the mall.

I felt her hand finally slip in all the way in my jeans and found my cock

It was not yet 9 in the morning and it being the summer vacations it took me only 15 minutes to ride to the north highway which led to the lake resort. It was considerably cooler in the morning as I sped along the highway, with the wind playing in my hair and the sound of the powerful engine beating in rhythm with my heartbeat.

Aunt Sheen sat real close to me and put her arms around my waist from behind. I was wearing a light jacket over the T-shirt and it flapped around with the speed of the bike. As soon as we left the city behind 10 km I immediately felt Aunt Sheen press closer to me, crushing her huge, soft boobs on my back. I settled back, resting my load on her soft, plump body.

The highway was not often used so there was barely any other traffic on the road. Aunt Sheen seemed to notice this as I felt her right hand slowly slip under my T-shirt from the front. She held one side of my open jacket and pulled it over so it was covering my front half. Before I could react Aunt Sheen had already slipped her hand under my belt and I could see her struggle as she tried to move her hand lower into my jeans.

I swiftly slipped my belt loose a couple of notches.

“Mmm.. Thanks, sweety.” I heard Aunt Sheen say as I felt her hand finally slip in all the way in my jeans and found my cock.

I moaned as Aunt Sheen softly scratched my slowly arousing cock over the fabric of my undies with her fingernails. She played with me like this for a few minutes before I felt her hand slowly lift the band of my undies and slip inside. I moved back further to allow her easier access.

“Aaahh…” I sighed as Aunt Sheen gripped my semi-erect cock completely in her palm and gave it a hard squeeze and moaned in my ears, “Ooohh.. so beautiful.”

Date: December 15, 2019
Actors: Mia Khalifa

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