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Black dude fucks Mia Khalifa


pushed my head against her pussy

Heroine of this story is Akshara,23 very fair,, beautiful and athletic body. Her stats was 34-28-34 . She is also working in an MNC in Chennai.
Now coming to the story we both living same apartments, near by flats. She has to cross over our flat everytime to reach her flat. So most of the time as typical bachelor house we will keep the house door open. She used to go to office by 9 .As I will be early to go to office I used to iron my shirts I used to watch her regularly. At first she didn’t looked but as a month passed by she used to look into me and this goes on for a month.
And one fine day went to terrace to take my dried dress she was also there at that time. I decided to talk and got some courage and went to her and said hi. She replied hi and I introduced myself and as she already knew me she didn’t hesitated much to talk. That day we went to houses without nothing much.but her aroma made me arose she was wearing a black sleeveless top Kurti which you can easily able to recognize her shape. I jerked off that night thinking about her and slept.

I searched for her name in instagram and gave request which she accepted in minutes. Then we started chatting and our chatting begins with all IT stuffs. As a week pass by we become friends then we started talking some Adult jokes and she is very convenient with me. I asked to go out for coffee which she said No earlier.

our conversation went into sex

But next day when I asked sorry she replied it’s Okie nothing wrong in that and she said we will have a coffee together but she should return home before his husband reach home. I agreed for that. I picked her from office with two wheeler and we went to a CCD and talked some random stuffs and suddenly she asks whether I have girl friend and all for which I replied no. She kept mmm and then her behaviour changes she sat very comfortable with me and our conversation went into sex from which I understood her sex life was not fulfilled. After we finished coffee I drove her to our apartment . As it is raining but she is already late to prepare dinner for her hubby, we decided to travel in rain. Once we reached a parents we both were completely wet and both of us were aroused since we traveled in rain with such wetness. Once I entered life I touched her belly for which she kept mum and gave me a green signal.

I suck around her nipples and made her nipples

We reached our floor, she entered her house with door opened so I took it as a invite and followed her. I hugged her from back she dropped her bags and she turned towards me and lip locked with me.
We smooched and kissed for 10-15 mins. Her boob’s are really hot even in that wetness. I slowly removed her dress and my t shirt, we both are standing nude in front of each other.

She lied on bed and I hugged her and kissed on necks which made her more aroused. She pushed my mouth to suck her nipples but I want to make her more aroused. I suck around her nipples and made her nipples itch for my such she got even more aroused and literally she hold my hair and pressed my mouth deep into her nipples. Then I sucked her nipple for some times and went down and teased without licking her pussycat lips she got angry and started scolding me ( Dei unaku enada venum please da sappi tHolai da mudila da enala ena sikram olu da fuck me please) by saying this she pushed my head inside her pussy , really saying sucking a girl after made her aroused is the best feel a guy can have I can’t even breath that much hard she pushed my head against her pussy.

I sucked for around 5 mins then I inserted my penis into her clint. I started to do slowly. She got aroused again and asked me to increase speed but I didn’t. She again screamed like dei nala panu da vegama pannu hmmmmmmmm ishhhhhhh ahhhhhhh panu da fuck me please don’t make me beg for speed na tha una ula vida soltene ,sperm ulaye vitalum paravale vegama panu enala control pana mudila da, vegama vegama vegama hmmmmmm ahhhh at last she had a very good orgasm for which she said it the best orgasm she had since she started doing sex. She was very well satisfied and we had kept sex three times till now whenever possible.

Date: December 15, 2019
Actors: Mia Khalifa

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