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Now my story starts with my mom only just one week back. It was luckily my birthday and there is nobody at home to celebrate my birthday except my sexy mom and me. I swear that I never used to see my mom as sexy women I used to see her like my mother and nothing else. I asked my mom not to celebrate my birthday this time as my dad is not coming due to their work. But my mom said that we should celebrate my birthday I said ok but how to celebrate it she said that we will go to temple and then to movie after that to a hotel and had a nice dinner I said o.k My mom normally wears saree above the naval but on that day I asked her to wear a nice saree and she said o.k and went to her bed room and after 10 minutes she came out of her room and I was surprised to see her for the first time she wear the saree below the naval and sleeveless jacket and I can see her boobs side angle and mostly I am interested in her naval only it was very deep and her belly is in brownish colour near her naval there is sweat and it was looking very sexy then I turned my eyes from that and said shall we go and she said ok and I started my bike and she sat on my back seat and for the first time I was feeling something new.

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First we went to the temple and there she got archana in my name and we sat at a corner in the temple and my moms pallu was slightly off from her big boobs and I can clearly see the two big boobs and I was really feeling horny and my dick was erecting because I never saw my mom like that and later I got a idea to kiss her naval and asked her that I want to sleep in her lap and she said you can sleep and I put my head towards her belly and slightly removed her pallu from her belly and I was in heaven that time my mom sexy naval and I put my mouth near her naval and started kissing very carefully that my mom should not know what I am doing and I tasted it was the mixture of salt and sweet because there is sweat around her naval.

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Next our programme was to go to movie and we went to sandhya 35mm at RTC X roads, movie was screening there and we went to that movie and after starting the movie lights was off and me and my mom was sitting very closely my mom was watching the movie and I was watching her sexy body and then decided that at any cost I should fuck her that night and for that it is necessary to seduce her I got and idea to show my big cock to her.

Date: December 9, 2019
Actors: Alexis Texas

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