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One Saturday morning, a few months later, while washing his car at the curbside in front of his rented home, Gary noticed the small Spanish style house directly across the street buzzing with activity. Gary giggled at first thinking it odd four young men were moving in with an older but attractive lady not realizing they were helping the woman move her belongings into the small house.

Gary began studying the woman closely and liked what he saw. First, she had long wavy light blonde hair nearing silver, she had an attractive face for an older woman and her breasts were huge but not pendulous. Gary thought she appeared to be slightly thicker than most females he had ever studied but realizing the impact age had on a women’s form he thought she was probably older by a few years but aged fairly well. The features affecting him the most were her smile and taunting eyes. Gary thought the woman’s smile reminded him of a girl he once knew and her pretty blue eyes reminded him of the way the girl admired him during their special moments together.

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Washing his car became a slow motion waltz as Gary studied the woman move around ordering the men. By noon, the two pickup trucks and pair of station wagons along with the men drove off and the lady disappeared into the house. Gary shrugged the entire scene off as entertainment thinking he’d never see the buxom blonde again.

That evening Gary decided to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes with canned sweet peas for dinner and try to enjoy a nice evening with his bride, hoping there would be even the slightest chance the woman would loosen up a bit and have a playful and filthy time with genitals on their marital mattress.

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Just before Suzy was to arrive home, Gary heard a gentle rap on the door. At first he thought Suzy had come home early and had forgotten the house key again but when he opened the door, to his surprise the chesty blonde was standing on the porch and she began speaking as soon as the door was fully open, “Hi, hate to bother you, but you’re the only person in this neighborhood I’ve seen so far … can I borrow a stick of butter … I’ll pay you back on Friday after I get paid.”

Gary had never been in such close proximity to very large breasts, especially undulating breasts with huge thick nipples under a shirt with severe transparency and he felt his face blushing. He wanted desperately to look down at the lady’s massive chest and rub his penis on her erect nipples, but he forced his focus into her big blue eyes. His mind went blank for a moment then he snapped out of it when he realized his penis was rising and could blow in seconds. He wasn’t sure what to do or say until the lady broke his trance and asked, “You okay dear?”

Date: December 8, 2019

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